Retreats for Those Living with Cancer

  Giving you the support to transition from treatment to thriving health  

Our Approach

We believe that to be truly well, you need balance in all of the major areas of health!


Our retreats incorporate the below values to help you heal physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


Daily group sessions allow you to reflect on and process through the unique emotions that arise when faced with cancer.


Nourish your body with delicious, local and organic meals prepared by our in-house chef!


Morning yoga, jungle hikes, and ocean swims to get your body moving. We also have an on-site gym!


Connect with people just like you, going through their own cancer journeys.


The natural beauty of Costa Rica just can’t be matched! Discover all that the rainforest has to offer!


Time and space to reflect is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

We support you through that process in our group sessions.

Your Experience

Growing Through Cancer

Cancer changes your world. After going through treatment, you may be left asking “what now?” It can be a scary and isolating place to be. We think you shouldn’t be there on your own.


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be a place of real learning and growth. We want to bring people together who know what it’s like, and who can support each other through this time of change.


Our group sessions led by Dr. Gasinski, ND dive into all the emotions that come up in the cancer experience – from questions about identity, fear, death, and relationships, to hope, resilience, and lessons learned.


Our workshops will share valuable information about nutrition, detoxing, the power of the mind, and the latest cancer research to arm you with the tools to keep yourself well as you step into this new chapter of your life.


Cancer pushes us to our limits. But we also get to find out just what we’re capable of.


Join us for a week of exploration, discussion, reflection, and transformation. You deserve to take this time for you!

Relax in 5-Star Accommodations

Registration closes Jan 6th!

Feel pampered in a luxury villa in the beautiful mountains of Ojochal, Costa Rica!

What's Included in Your Package 

5-Star Accommodations
Group Sessions led by Dr. Aleks
Blue Clay Therapy
Airport Pick-up
& Drop off
Workshops led by Dr. Aleks
Free Time
In-house Organic, Plant-Based Meals
Guided Meditation
Gift Bag
Outings to 4.5+ Star Restaurants
Jungle, Waterfalls, Beaches
Transportation to/from restaurants & tours
Morning Yoga
On-Site Gym 
Bonfire on the Beach

Space is limited!

Registration closes January 6th!

The Team

Dr. Aleksandra Gasinski, ND

Chief Executive Officer

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Dr. Aleksandra Gasinski is a graduate of the 4-year naturopathic medical program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Prior to her medical studies, she completed an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences from the University of Guelph.

Her practice focuses on integrative cancer care and mental health. Dr. Gasinski has received extra training in adjunctive cancer care in order to treat the unique needs of cancer patients both during and after treatment. Her approach aims to inhibit cancer, reduce side effects, maintain energy, and promote well-being. 

With extensive training in the field of mental health, Dr. Gasinski teaches stress management and meditation. She is passionate about guiding people in changing their mindset, and shifting from anxiety, depression, and fear to a place of resilience and balance.      

Her experience, both professionally and with family members with cancer, has solidified the importance of opening up and communicating through the cancer journey. By understanding how trauma is stored in the body, how the stress response affects the nervous system and immune system, and how processing through stuck emotions can change an individual's outlook and outcome, Dr. Gasinski guides people in discovering the patterns that are affecting their health at the deepest level.  

Creating Restorica Retreats is the culmination of years of learning - bringing together mind, body, and spirit with the healing power of nature. 

Alena Blyshchyk

Chief Operating Officer

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Alena worked as a Marketing Manager & Event Planner for 6 years before becoming a videographer 2 years ago. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from York University, Toronto, Canada.

Her aunt, Ludmila, is an inspiration for running these retreats. After surviving breast cancer, there was a huge imbalance in her aunt's life - it took a 180 turn and was no longer familiar to her. She didn't know how to transition back to work or how to face friends and family. Time away in the beautiful lush forests of Russia, helped her aunt connect with herself again and have the courage to rebuild. This is what Alena hopes guests can take away from Restorica Retreats - the strength and determination to keep moving forward while not losing focus on their health and well-being. 

Alena works behind the scenes at Restorica Retreats, running the operations side of the business. Her responsibilities include event logistics, building and managing an online presence, assisting customers online and offline, onsite coordination, relationship building, and accounting. 


Anton Ryjikh
Logistics Coordinator

Anton is an entrepreneur who enjoys making new connections and working with his hands. He left his Toronto life behind along with his telecommunications brokerage to live a simpler life in Costa Rica.


He is currently working on his latest venture - bringing an abandoned hotel, now called the Chilantro Resort & Hangout, back to its glory.  

He loves meeting people from all over the world and guiding them around the beautiful sights of Costa Rica. He knows all the best places to eat and see around Ojochal and looks for ways to bring the local and international community together. His experience includes client relations, project management, finance, and logistics. 

At Restorica Retreats, Anton is the onsite coordinator, driver, translator, and pool boy. He always has a smile on his face so be sure to say hola!

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Olyvia DuSold

Le Cordon Bleu Chef

Since her days at Le Cordon Bleu, 7 years ago, Olyvia always believed that food was the most honest form of love and healing. She has traveled from France to Bali, learning the techniques needed to make beautiful food that has an equally spectacular effect on promoting the body's natural healing abilities.

Her cooking style is simply and beautifully prepared foods that allow the flavors to speak for themselves, since Mother Nature is pretty amazing at what she does! 

Olyvia looks forward to meeting each and every one of you and learning your stories, all while feeding you well! 

Carol Caballero

Yoga Instructor

Carol was certified to teach yoga in 2016 soon after moving to Costa Rica and realizing that life is a one way trip! 


Practicing since 2011 when she was a dentist in Washington, DC, she realized that stress and work alone could damage the beautiful purpose of being alive.


Carol blends yoga teachings with her medical knowledge, creating a fusion of yoga movement and alignment. Her mission is to empower individuals to awaken their potential for self-healing through movement.


While not on the mat, Carol enjoys dancing, sunset watching, being a playful mom, hiking or traveling the world with her love, soulmate and partner in adventures Ryan and their beloved son Kai.

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