Growing Through Cancer

  Transforming challenges into lasting change  

Cancer Changes Your Life

The moment you're diagnosed, everything changes. Your reality becomes appointments, treatment schedules, and managing your energy.  At the same time, you're trying to do and learn everything you can to fight this. It's all consuming, and it's exhausting.

And then things may slow down. You finish treatment. You're being monitored. It seems like it should be a relief. And in some ways, it is. But you've also been through so much.

It's understandable to be in this place. This place of in-between. Of not knowing exactly who you are anymore or what life may hold for you.

This retreat is an opportunity to explore those feelings, both alone and with others. It's also an opportunity to rest, recharge, and heal. Dr. Aleksandra Gasinski, ND has worked with countless cancer patients, and knows how important it is to give yourself the space to process your experience.

Take this time to do something for yourself.

Our Mission

Group Sessions

Having cancer can be an isolating experience. Even with family and loved ones around, it can be difficult for them to understand just what you're going through. Sometimes it's difficult to express all of your feelings, because you worry about burdening them. You try to stay strong instead.

Our retreats allow you to speak your truth. We bring people together. People on their own cancer journeys, who know what it's like. 

We talk about having cancer - about uncertainty, fear, death, hope, resilience, and changing relationships. Allowing yourself to openly share the challenges and triumphs of living with cancer is one of the most important steps you can take towards healing - mind, body, and spirit.  

"Cancer is big. It's scary and it's messy and it pushes us to our limits. But we also get to find out just what we're capable of."

Dr. Aleksandra Gasinski, ND


Dr. Aleks shares her knowledge about all the things that keep you well, whether you are living with cancer or in remission.

Image by Taylor Kiser
  • Learn about which foods feed cancer and which foods fight cancer!

  • The importance of water, and its role in keeping the body in optimal health

  • Is fasting good for fighting cancer? Or the Ketogenic diet? Should you go vegan?

  • Learn about which herbs and supplements are supportive in cancer care 

Image by Joanna Kosinska
  • Learn about the different styles of detoxing - from juicing, to fasting, to detox diet programs

  • Understand what is actually happening in the body when you detox

  • Find out which herbs can help promote liver detoxification

  • Learn about the benefits of detoxifying blue clay!

  • Get tips on which lifestyle strategies you can use to help detoxify - beyond just diet! 

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Stress Management
  • Everyone speaks about stress management, but what does that really mean on a chemical and hormonal level?

  • Learn about how your nervous system is responsible for stress, and how it's activated

  • Take home 3 powerful techniques you can start immediately to combat stress

  • Learn how being in the present moment changes your stress story 

Image by Ksenia Makagonova
Power of the Mind
  • Find out how your thoughts direcetly affect your immune system

  • Learn about the power of meditation and visualization, and why they are so effective

  • How gratitude shifts not only your mentality, but your chemistry

  • Learn the major life changes that can shift cancer outcomes! 

Image by Craig Garner
Cancer Research
  • What the latest research is saying about the best ways to fight cancer

  • Which supplements are helpful for breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, lymphoma, and more

  • The best research-backed supportive care you can do if you are going through cancer treatment

  • Lifestyle changes that are shown to decrease your risk of getting cancer again! 

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